Shocking News – H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic – Get Your ten Step Survival Guide

Together with the World and CDC health organization Who stating the Swine Flu represents a big health risk to the Worlds population and is spreading at an unbelievable rate. Our local and national health departments all holding Flu Clinics and Flu control meetings. What exactly are you doing Right now to protect your loved ones from the Swine Flu?   If the answer of yours is absolutely nothing or perhaps I am simply unsure what to do, read this text and then pass it on to all your family and friends so they can get their “Swine Flu Survival Kit” and maintain from being stricken by the Swine Flu. This Flu has already claimed a lot more Lives than it’s predecessor of year that is last which has not even gotten near to it’s peak!   To be able to get rid of risks associated with the Swine Flu, do consider the following:  

1. Strengthen your Immune system Currently a high percentage of deaths from the H1N1 Swine Flu are as a result of folks possessing a weakened Immune system. In the event that you have some underlying health problem you need to create your Immune system being abler to ward off this disease. to be able to create your Immune system your body needs  a quality nutritional base and plenty of fresh un cooked foods. A diet very high in un processed foods like vegetables, fresh fruits and lean protein can help. Additionally taking a diverse spectrum Multi-vitamin nutritional supplement that contains Immune building antioxidants as well as micro-nutrients will easily provide nutrition which is essential to strengthen the Bodies of yours own natural Flu dealing with abilities.            

2. Avoid Big  crowds- If there continues to be a report of a large spread Flu through rest in your town by all of the means stay away from Large gatherings, of course actually worship services if needed. Stay home pretty much as practical and if you do go out See this page to it that you clean or sanitize your hands Frequently.  

3. Wash your hands- Simple but effective, it cannot be underestimated just how essential it’s to wash your hand frequently.    

4. Use Anti bacterial Products I normally don’t promote taking any anti-bacterial solutions however in such a case I am making an exception. The rewards of using a hand sanitizer in this situation out weight the possible problems induced by anti-bacterial products. Also use an anti bacterial sanitizer spray or perhaps wipes  on toys, phones, door handles, laptop answer boards etc. in a space when a Flu victim has been recently.  

5. Get the flu shot- Health departments all throughout the country will be offering both the Regular flu shot as well as the Swine Flu Vaccine. I am not in a position to be advocating getting the Swine Flu Vaccine, I would however think about the Regular Flu vaccine which has gone through sizable assessment and PROVEN to be effective and safe. I am going to leave it as much as each and every family to help make the call on the Swine Flu Vaccine and whether it’ll be Effective and safe.

 6. Drink more water- Getting sufficiently water  won’t just help to help keep you adequately hydrated, it will help to flush toxins, wastes from bodily functions and assistance to help re building your entire body on a “cellular” level.  

7. Get in improved shape- Having a leaner stronger body is much more critical than simply looking good. The H1N1 virus attacks the weak, be sure your heart, lungs, and Immune system are as strong as they are able to be. Certainly this will help your body battle the Swine Flu in case you do get it.  

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