Exploring renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Sources

Non-Renewable and renewable energy has long been an issue of hot debate and it is one you should definitely consider asking the electrician of yours about the next time he visits your home. While a bit of energy sources allow us to produce a lot of electricity with relatively little effort, the fuels we use to produce that energy, like gas and oil, are non-renewable. What Read This Post (Www.Federalwaymirror.Com) means is we won’t be able to change them the moment they are gone.

Alternative energy sources, like the sunshine and wind, are believed to be renewable – meaning they have been present since the beginning of time and aren’t going anywhere fast. They are able to, sadly, take more money and effort to change into usable power.

Sadly, the pace at which we are exhausting the world’s non renewable resources is rather alarming and government bodies from across the planet are starting to be much more serious about not merely finding viable options, but making them affordable too. The following are some of the sources of energy we are exhausting along with some that we might be harnessing.


Just about everything we do involves some kind of electric powered usage, from running appliances for lighting to baking and running the air conditioning. Regrettably, half of the electricity used to power the planet is made by burning coal. Coal is considered a non-renewable resource and scientists think that if we continue at our present rate we are going to be out of coal in only about 200 years.


Biomass is the phrase used to talk about energy that is made when we burn up the surplus from food crops. The steam from the fires is utilized to fuel a turbine. The turbine results in a generator to work after which turns the power from the generator into electrical energy. Biomass is sustainable but is not feasible for mass energy production as we would not have enough space to grow crops for food and fuel at the same time.

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