Unusual Items to Bring To your First Gig: Guitarist’s Survival Guide

The Most Popular Websites in the World Vol. 1 (2023)A cold windy day in 1992 I played my first solo guitar gig. It was at a bit of place called “Miracles Cafe” (Now a bank) on the shoreline of San Diego. I set up outside, tuned my guitar, breathed deep, and proceeded to play for the five or perhaps ten men and women brave sufficient to tune in. Half way through the very first song, it started. Wind.

I was supposed to play for 3 hours, however, I just had about fifteen minutes of music learned by memory. No problem, I will just read the music for the remaining. It would have been effective great…if it had not been for the wind. I’d get half way through a piece & flip, music gone. I tried desperately. I place every heavy object I may find on my music stand. Of course that helped, however it blocked the web page. In either case, I was doomed. The lesson? Bring clothes pins to every single gig. Twenty years as well as countless gigs later I’ve learned there are several little things you have to have at every gig. Here is the list of mine of products you wouldn’t assume bringing to a gig. (I’m assuming you are going to remember the guitar of yours, music, amp, tuner, etc.)

Clothes Pins – Even a bit of wind can turn your page.

Additional Strings – The very first band I played in was a bluegrass group. I would strum and strum hard. First band gig? You guessed it, broken string. Third string to be much more unique. I attempted to play the remainder of the gig with five strings. Didn’t work. Now I bring 2 extra sets with me whenever I play, in the event.

Additional Cables – Cables go bad, get lost, and so bring a few extras. Cables are good for some other things too. One time, I discovered the guitar amp of mine received a horrible hum that would just go away in case I held onto the conclusion of a cable connected in to an unused jack. Remedy? I plugged an extra cable directly into the amp and publish the opposite end in the sock of mine. Functioned like a charm. Well, unless I stood up and Explore further [www.heraldnet.com officially announced] walked away with it also attached.

Hand Wipes – Hands get dirty after installing equipment. And if you are running late or perhaps participating in an outdoor festival there might not be anywhere to clean up, so bring some hand wipes.

Hand Lotion – It’s difficult to play if your fingers feel like the Atacama Desert, just a little lotion will help the touch.

Dolly / Hand Truck – Moving amps might be good for your biceps, put its rotten for your fingers! If you lift enough equipment you can truly fatigue your hands making it hard to have fun.

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